Who is Casino Gold Tours?


Casino Gold Tours has been flying players and booking accommodations all 

over the country, to Harrah's and other casinos for 16 years.

Tomm Cirone, the Atlanta representative, was a Host in Atlantic City for 23 yrs and was asked to

setup his business here to help cover Georgia and the surrounding states.

 Tomm Cirone

(shown with wife Marilyn)


Tomm lived in Toms River, NJ and worked at Bally's and was a Host at Harrah's

in Atlantic City. He has been associated with Harrah's for 27 years.

He is highly regarded and well known in the Harrah's casino family.

Tomm is a licensed casino Rep. through out the United States.





 Penny Kendall

Senior Office Administrator & Trip Coordinator

Penny Kendall, has been with Casino Gold Tours for 13 years.

She coordinates all  junket trips and personal reservations.

She also acts as a host on trips when needed.

She has 17 years of IT, corporate, marketing and managerial experience and

received her college education at Lanier Tech.





Carmen Mitchell

Carmen Mitchell is the Director of Player Development & Cherokee Operations.

She plans and coordinates CGT's Cherokee reserved room blocks and events.

She has worked with Harrah's for 9 yrs. from New Orleans to Georgia.